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. Healthcare informatics is the collection and application of healthcare data to implement to optimal systems and processes that improve patient outcomes

. Healthcare informatics is the collection and application of healthcare data to implement to optimal systems and processes that improve patient outcomes


1. Healthcare informatics is the collection and application of healthcare data to implement to optimal systems and processes that improve patient outcomes. Healthcare informatics helps enhance quality and safety of healthcare provided across various settings.

2. After asking two colleague’s, one described healthcare informatics as the use of computer systems to interpret patient data to come up with new healthcare technology. The other one described it similarly as the use of technology to improve healthcare processes. 

3. As defined by the textbook, “informatics is an interdisciplinary field that draws from, as well as contributes to, computer science, decision science, information science, management science, cognitive science, and organizational theory” (Hebda, Hunter, & Czar, 2019). I think that all of our opinions align with the definition of informatics having to with computer and information science.  What I think differs is that we all did not know the broad spectrum that healthcare informatics encompasses and that there are many subspecialties of healthcare informatics.



  1. What is Health Informatics?

Health informatics is a discipline that combines health sciences, information technology, and with computer science to manage data related to healthcare. It improves patient care, clinical workflows and health decisions by effectively utilizing data & technology.

  1. Definitions of Healthcare Informatics by Colleagues:

Peer 1: “The purpose of healthcare informatics is to gather, store and process health data using technology with the goal being focused on enhancing patient outcomes and enhance accuracy in general about how care within a clinical setting will be developed.”

Me (as Colleague 2:) Healthcare Informatics to me is leveraging IT systems for identifying, retrieving and interpreting health information So that makes the process of accessing crucial information from a bunch of records into meaningful clinical intelligence more seamless.

  1. Evaluation and Description of Positions

Informatics in healthcare is “the integration of nursing science, computer science and information sciences to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge etc. necessary for the practice of nursing” (Hebda, Hunter & Czar,2019 p. 5).



Every definition focuses on leveraging technology, data management to augment delivery of healthcare.

The text book definition matched both me and my colleagues better with everyone also saying the use IT systems for managing health information to improve patient care.


The updated version of the nurse integration textbook definition specifically mentions integrating “nursing science” in nursing practice, whereas my own and those of other colleagues are more general to include healthcare overall yet does not delineate what part is specific to nurses.

Our definitions are less explicit about the idea that informatics is not just managing data but also dealing with more than raw data: transforming it into wisdom (as described in this textbook – and elsewhere).


While the individual perspectives and the textbook definition share common themes of technology, data management, and improving healthcare outcomes, the textbook provides a more detailed and specific framework, particularly emphasizing the role of nursing science and the progression from data to wisdom.


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